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It is the policy of the Fort Hall Business Council (FHBC) of the Shoshone¬Bannock Tribes (Tribes) to preserve, protect, and enhance the environmental quality of the Tribal homeland, Fort Hall Reservation, for present and future generations in order to protect the health, welfare, safety, economic security, political integrity, culture, and environment of the Tribes and all residents of the Fort Hall Reservation.


Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Contacts

Location of Documents

  • Environmental Waste Management Program Office
    4 Mission Road
    Fort Hall, ID 83203

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Comment submission for proposed regulations have ended, once another set of proposed regulations is in review we will allow comment to be opened up via email form.

Proposed Regulations

Below are links to proposed regulations, you can review each in PDF format.

  • No proposed regulations are up for public review at this time



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